Welcome to Orphan Art Project

The Orphan Art Project is a Paris-based, non-profit association, which provides guidance to victims and their descendants seeking the restitution of artworks plundered during World War II.  Our grassroots group empowers descendants by teaching them the research skills to reclaim their own lost family history and to navigate archives and other available resources.

The project offers a cross-disciplinary training program for students in law, art history and journalism whose research would advance the restitution process of spoliated works of art conserved in French museums.

It also includes the development of practical workshops in provenance research for beginners to help them navigate the international labyrinth of archives and government agencies.

Founding members:

  • Elizabeth Farhi – President
  • Doreen Carvajal – Secretary
  • Bernadette Murphy – Treasurer

Association 1901 law, registered at the sub-Prefecture in Germain-en-Laye (Journal Officiel, 2 September 2017)